A space to explore the shared experience of suicidal loss and rebuilding of life

How can our group help?

A support group is a gathering of people who are facing a common issue.  Through the sharing and identification of experiences members gain support and encouragement.  

Oftentimes, people bereaved by suicide commonly identify distinct issues which they encounter through their grieving journey.  A support group can be a useful space for participants to share their feelings and hear from others just how universal those feelings can be. The support group at Lighthouse is solely intended for individuals who have been bereaved by suicide and are seeking support that is central to this theme.   

Information about the group

Our support group is a closed, time-limited, structured, facilitated group.   This means that all members begin the group at the same time, and that there are two members of staff who help guide group as they work to promote deeper understanding of grief and loss underpinned by self-care and learning from other group members shared experiences.

The group requires a commitment from participants that they try to attend each time the group meets to bring some continuity and are expected to attend the first session and cannot join the group part-way through.  It usually runs for around 10 weeks, once per week, at the same time, day and venue for its duration.  

The group is not therapeutic or counselling, but a space where participants can benefit from mutual support through sharing helpful coping strategies in an emotionally contained environment with some emphasis on psychoeducation.    Its underlying premise is that people bereaved by suicide benefit from learning more about suicide and the journey of grief, through education, mutual support, and coping strategies.  Other aims of the group include:

  • Feeling a sense of community and support.
  • Being part of an empathic environment giving a sense of being understood.
  • Experiencing hope that a new ‘normality’ can be reached eventually.
  • Learning new ways of coping.

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more about the Support Group and how it might help, please telephone Debbie Sloan, our Suicide Bereavement Worker on 02890 755 070 or email: debbie@lighthousecharity.com