This is essentially a relationship that provides a space for you to talk through issues and concerns.  The counsellor will help you explore thoughts feelings and behaviours to develop an understanding of yourself and others.  

A counselling session lasts for a maximum of 50 minutes and you’ll probably see the counsellor weekly over a period of 6 weeks.  We offer face to face counselling, and some counselling takes place by telephone or over camera. 

Counselling takes different forms, which largely depends on what issues you’d like to explore and how you’d like to explore them, and an initial assessment helps to determine this.  This is where we get a history of the problems you’ve been experiencing and what you’d like to get from the service. 

 Common themes that people come to counselling with include:

  • your relationships
  • your childhood
  • your feelings, emotions or thoughts
  • your behaviour
  • past and present life events
  • situations you find difficult

Our Counselling Service is available to those who reside in BT13, BT14, BT15 and BT36 and who are aged 12+. 

Within our team of counsellors at Lighthouse we offer many different counselling approaches, which include Art Therapy, a form of counselling that uses creative means to work through emotions.  Further information on Counselling and its various forms can be found below: 

British Association of Art Therapists

British Association of Counselling