We offer a varied portfolio of accredited and non-accredited programmes which can be customised to meet the needs of various client groups. Amongst the more popular titles are: 

  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Suicide FIrst Aid (delivered in conjunction with National Centre for Suicide Prevention Education and Training )
  • Shoulder to Shoulder (delivered in conjunction with PIPs Newry)
  • Connections for Life (delivered in conjunction with FreshMinds Education )
  • Mental health awareness in the workplace 
  • Mental health awareness in the workplace for supervisors
  • Coaching for success
  • Introduction to suicide prevention and mental health and well being (young people)
  • Introduction suicide prevention and mental health and well being (youth leaders/ sports coaches)
  • Foundations of suicide prevention and mental health and well being (youth leaders/coaches)
  • Positive Mental Attitude 
  • How to effectively use Mental Health First Aiders in the workplace 
  • Self care for leaders

All our programmes are interactive and practical, providing valuable knowledge about mental health issues, warning signs of suicide, and how to support others in crisis. They can be customised and delivered face to face or online always in a safe and non-intrusive environment.

Our people enjoyed the lunch and learn sessions and have been motivated to learn more about mental health first aid. The big issues have been covered in a sensitive and caring way by the Lighthouse trainers. We have been so impressed with the guidance and professionalism of the Lighthouse team that we have expanded our contract to include Mental Health First Aid Training to all staff who wish to undertake it!
Roisin McManus, BALCAS

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