About the course

The aim of a First Aider is to provide initial support for people experiencing distress and refer them to more appropriate care and support if necessary.
Mental Health First Aid ® (MHFA ™) is an internationally recognised and evidence-based accredited training program that equips individuals with the knowledge, confidence and skills needed to support a friend, family member, customer or co-worker experiencing a mental health problem or a crisis, such as being suicidal.

Since its inception in 2000, it is now delivered in over 24 countries and to over 5 million Mental Health First Aiders to date.

Who is the Course for?

Most employers have an appointed Physical First Aider, and Lighthouse believes that a Mental Health First Aider is just as essential.   They can be a point of contact for employees if they are experiencing emotional distress, signs of a mental health issue or are simply looking for more information.
Conversely, if your agency provides services to the public, then it is essential that employees have the skills and confidence to recognise and handle mental health situations when they arise, just as they would a physical one.

Contents of the Course

MHFA ™ is delivered in-person, over two full days.  It comprises of 4 modules which cover issues such as depression, anxiety, self-harm, eating disorders, psychosis, and substance use.  It also offers a 5-step action plan that can be used to support people with a variety of common mental health problems and crisis situations.

Participants will work alongside two Registered MHFA Instructors who have hands-on experience in working with people who have mental health difficulties and suicidal risk.

After completing the course and a short questionnaire participants achieve their MHFA Certificate which is endorsed by the Public Health Agency and valid for 3 years.

More information?

If you’d like to find out more about how Mental Health First Aid would benefit your business, employees, and customers, please contact us.